Dassara Ramen Celebrates One Year With … a Ramen Burger


Dassara, the Carroll Garden ramen shop best known for its strange twists on the traditional Japanese soup (matzo balls, anyone?), celebrates one year in business today. And what is it doing by way of throwing itself a party? Offering up a ramen burger.

Says the shop on Facebook:

Oh, hey there! So NBD but Dassara turns 1 tomorrow, and to celebrate, inspired by our good friend Keizo’s brain child you may have heard about, we’re doing Bootleg Black Label Burgers. It’s a riff on Minetta’s infamous blend of shortrib, brisket and dry aged trimmings with onions caramelized in rendered beef fat (we’re also topping our with white Cabot cheddar and secret sauce). Just, you know, wedged between 2 pucks of ramen noodle bun. We’re making 200, so come early if you want one and thanks for your blessing Keizo!

“Keizo” refers to Keizo Shimamoto, who’s been selling rabid Smorgasburg-goers the original ramen burger for the past two weekends. Which means, yes, the ramen burger has an official knock-off, another milestone in its meander down the path of the Cronut (no trademarks yet, though).

If you want to get your hands on the Dassara version of the sandwich, a quick call to the restaurant confirmed that it’ll dole out the burgers–sided with chips for $12–starting at 5 p.m. tonight. And with any luck, you won’t have to stand in a four-hour line to chow down. Toast Dassara for surviving a year while you’re at it.