Two Ice Cream Truck Drivers’ Turf War Turns into a Knife Fight in Midtown


New Yorkers: Beware. The dark underworld of ice cream truck operators has stepped out into the light of day. Yesterday two ice cream truck drivers got into an argument that quickly escalated into a knife fight. Both men were arrested before anyone was stabbed.

A Mister Softee driver threw down the gauntlet when he snatched a Yogo truck operator’s permit off the vehicle, allegedly when the second driver rolled up on Mister Softee’s turf at the corner of 50th St. and Sixth Avenue. The situation continued to deteriorate until the Yogo driver pulled a knife on Mister Softee–how any two grown men who sell desserts out of singing busses should resolve their differences.

The cops showed up before anyone was hurt. The Daily News compiled a riveting photo essay of the incident that really speaks to modern urban living and its discontents, am I right?