5 Spots to Celebrate National Rum Day


Ahoy! It’s National Rum Day and also Friday, both of which are good reasons to head to a bar in the name of celebration. Yesterday, Eve Turow chatted with The Beach’s William Ward about rum’s history and place on today’s bar. You might check out his establishment, where you can lounge in a cabana while you sip a Kelvin Natural Slush shot through with Mt. Gay. Or you could head to one of these five spots, all worthy places to toast the Caribbean sugar cane spirit while you drink it.

The Rum House, 228 West 47th Street
Sure, you’ll have to fight throngs of Times Square-bound tourists to get to this iconic cocktail bar in the Edison Hotel, but once you grab a seat in this dark lair, which was given an upgrade by the Ward III team in 2011, you’ll be able to celebrate the holiday with rum classics–like the mojito or Hemingway daiquiri–and twists on classics, like a rum-infused negroni or old fashioned. Bonus: The spot often hosts live music, and a piano player posts up nightly.

Fatty ‘Cue, 50 Carmine Street and 91 South Sixth Street, Brooklyn
The Fatty crew teamed up with Sailor Jerry’s, and together, they’ve rolled out a way to celebrate with a slight twist: by having your rum with ice cream. The Fatty ‘Cue restaurants are serving a Sailor Spiced Float, which pits spiced ice cream against Sailor Jerry’s rum. And should you want to keep the celebration going for a few extra days, you’ll be able to find this treat on the menu until August 21.

Cienfuegos, 95 Avenue A
Rum-themed East Village Bar has been hosting events dedicated to sugar cane spirits all week long, which culminate tonight with a gala. $75 buys you entrance to the party, where you’ll find live music, dancing, passed appetizers, and, of course, flowing rum cocktails. The party runs from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.; email for tickets.

Otto’s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street, or Zombie Hut, 273 Smith Street, Brooklyn
Rum’s last big heyday was during the post-WWII era, when tiki huts proliferated throughout the country, and establishments like Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s turned out island-themed drinks made with ingredients like pineapple and coconut. Celebrate the era by heading to one of the city’s tiki bars for a tipple served in a Polynesian mug. We’re partial to the missionary’s downfall, classic piña colada, and, when we need a drink to punch us in the face, the zombie.

Nights and Weekends, 1 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
Sip through a few of the many rums, piscos, and cachacas this Williamsburg establishment keeps on its back bar, or opt for those spirits in one of a handful of cocktails like the mi corazon, which combines fresno pepper-infused cachaca with coconut milk and lime, or the plaza vieja, a brown, bitter, and stirred drink made with both rum and rye whiskey. Be forewarned, though: This spot is cash-only.