National Rum Day, Mobile MOFAD Exhibit, Tomato Fest: What’s Happening This Weekend


Friday’s here, and at this point you’ve probably checked out of the office (mentally or physically–we won’t tell). Get your calendar out: Here are a few events you’ll want to pencil in.

National Rum Day, multiple locations, Friday

While we all fantasize about rocking bandanas and setting sail with Johnny Depp, you don’t have to be a pirate to enjoy sipping on a sweet glass of rum. Today is national rum day, and a variety of locations throughout the city will pay tribute to the spirit in a number of different ways. Tom & Jerry’s will feature a Ring of Fire shot with Cayrum; The Rum House will feature performances by jazz band The Red Hook Ramblers and Rosie 151 in a Carribbean-like setting.

BOOM! The Puffing Gun and the Rise of Breakfast Cereal, Foley Square, Saturday, 7 a.m.

This mobile exhibit courtesy of the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) explores the science behind cereal production. Take a break from the zip line during the final weekend of Summer Streets and watch as an authentic, fully-functioning puffing gun pops out some classic breakfast cereal. You’ll also find goodies from The Cooking Channel and a variety of performances and activities to help you break a sweat on site. The traveling pop-up exhibit will be shown at various locations around NYC as MOFAD works to secure a permanent location.

Tomato Fest 2013, The Green Table at Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue, Sunday, 6 p.m.

Though you can get pasta and tomato sauce on many street corners in New York, tomato-based cocktails are another story. Food Systems Network NYC (FSNYC) offers an evening dedicated to the tomato with drinks from Brooklyn Brewery and Greenhook Ginsmiths. Tomatoes will be provided by the likes of Foragers City Table, and Green Table’s mixologist Rick Hickman will help combine tomatoes with something other than spaghetti. Tickets start at $55 for non-FSNYC members.