The Spider-Man Musical Sees Another Nasty Injury in the Middle of a Performance


Looks like the ludicrously titled production Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has had another ludicrously gruesome onstage accident. NY1 reports that an actor got his leg caught in some sort of elevator contraption, crushing it, causing the audience to be evacuated and the show to be cancelled.

The nature and extent of the injury are unknown, but witnesses describe the actor’s leg getting caught in an elevator rig onstage.

“One of the guys was kind of arched backwards, and I thought he was having a spasm. Someone came on the stage, stopped everything. People ran up on the stage,” said on witness to NY1.

The actor was carted away in an ambulance after the audience was herded into the lobby and told the rest of the show was cancelled. The Fire Department confirmed that the injured performer was taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition.

This is not the first time Bono’s Broadway vehicle has landed someone on the emergency room. In 2010 Christopher Tierney fractured his skull and some vertebrae when he fell from a 30-foot platform. Already the most expensive Broadway musical in history, those insurance premiums aren’t liable to go down anytime soon.