Upper West Side Woman Thinks Manhattan’s Too Good for Stop-and-Frisk


Watching interactive talk shows is like playing Russian roulette. There’s no telling who is going to call in and say something bananas on live television. (You also never know if Cher might have a thing or two to say about the state of affairs in Washington, but I digress.) NY1’s The Call got the loaded chamber on Tuesday when show host John Schiumo fielded a call from a woman known only as “Joan.” Claiming to be from the Upper West Side, Joan excoriated stop and frisk, but she would rather keep the program going in the outer boroughs, because Manhattan is “special”. What?

The show’s segment was on voters’ perceptions of mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, whose poll numbers are through the roof since Anthony Weiner detonated another penis-bomb all over the Internet. In describing an encounter on the street with de Blasio, Joan objected to de Blasio’s position that, well, stop and frisk is unfair everywhere, not just the outer boroughs.

Joan’s response to de Blasio: “And I said, ‘Ugh, you can’t expect us to live by the same rules we dictate to other people, for heaven’s sake!'”

It’s almost impossible not to take Joan’s call as a gag. A sentence like “I mean, Manhattan is special. We are New York! Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island, I don’t even like talking about those kinds of places!” is satire screaming to be called for what it is.

But no, when Schiumo asked her if it was a joke, Joan held forth on her crazy rant:

“Well, in all due respect, think about it this way. Affordable housing–I mean, New Yorkers accept that kind of thing in the boroughs, but you don’t want those people living around you!”

Watch the video and see the bonkers conversation unfold.