Brian Cashman Knew About Yankee Steroid Use, Didn’t Care, Indicted Ex-Mistress Claims


In a kind of tabloid harmonic convergence, a court document filed yesterday contains new allegations about Yankees general manager Brian Cashman from his former mistress, who is accused of stalking him and trying to extort money from him.

Louise Meanwell is said to have told her lawyer Stephen Turano that Cashman told her he was aware of steroid use in the Yankees clubhouse, but didn’t care as long as it didn’t harm the team’s reputation, the document says.

Meanwell also told Turano that Cashman told her he intentionally misled investigators during the investigation into pitcher Roger Clemons’s steroid use, the document alleges.

Meanwell is facing criminal charges for cyber-stalking and trying to extort $21,000 from Cashman. She has denied the charges. She claims she had a 10-month affair with Cashman.

The order to show cause was filed by Meanwell’s lawyer Peter Gleason. Turano’s law partner is the high-profile Joseph Tacopina, who is now representing Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez in his steroid investigation.

Gleason argues that Tacopina and Turano have a conflict of interest, since Meanwell could end up being a witness in the steroids investigation, and he wants a judge to intervene.

“Cashman shared with her intimate details of his work with the Yankees, and now she could be called as a witness,” Gleason said. He described the criminal case against Meanwell as an effort to discredit someone who has damaging information about the team.

“Obviously Brian Cashman hasn’t gotten the unofficial guide on how to gracefully break up with your mistress without sending her to Rikers Island,” he added.

Tacopina tells the Voice that Turano had represented Meanwell in connection with his New Jersey practice. “This has nothing to do with me,” he said. “Turano is a partner in the New York office here, but he also has his own practice in New Jersey. He apparently met with this woman in his capacity as a solo practitioner.”

We asked the Yankees for comment, and will update this when it comes.

Here’s the document: