David Paterson Can’t Tell You Why You Should Vote for Scott Stringer


If the dysfunction of this election cycle hasn’t totally pulverized you yet, here’s another epic bungle to behold: David Paterson endorsed Scott Stringer for comptroller months ago, long before Eliot Spitzer, a friend of Paterson’s and the man whose sex scandal made him governor, declared his candidacy. Now Paterson is stuck backing his original horse. Why? According to Paterson, it’s all about “who asked you first.”

In a recent photo op with Stringer in Harlem, Gov. Paterson fumbled the simplest question he could have been asked by reporters–why vote for Stringer when your boy Spitzer is in the race?

“Because I endorsed him,” said Paterson to the New York Times. Not exactly a one-hit K.O. to Spitzer’s campaign, which leads Stringer’s by 20 points in polls.

Scott Stringer scrambled to his own defense, saying that his strong record overcame Paterson’s relationship with Spitzer to win the endorsement.

At this point, we all might as well pull names of out a hat.

(h/t: New York Times)