New York Is Third in the Nation in Electric Car Ownership


A little bit of trivia to charge up to your Tuesday (had to, sorry): New York City is third among metropolitan areas in the country for electric car ownership, according to a study by automotive industry researchers R.L. Polk. Los Angeles and San Francisco top the list, and Seattle and Atlanta round out the top five.


If you think about it, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. First, New York City lands on that list likely due to its sheer scale; you don’t get to be the biggest city in the United States and not have your fair share of conscientious commuters.

Second, electric cars are still basically novelty items. With technology how it is today, a single charge can only carry a vehicle less than 100 miles, meaning electric rides are best suited for urban environments where commuters and errands are shorter and don’t demand treks into the suburbs.

Third, the city incorporated electric vehicle adoption into its broader scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 44% by 2030. To that end, innovations like fast lanes on the Long Island Expressway may make it worthwhile for drivers to consider cars you plug instead of fill up.

So kudos to our plugged-in drivers out there. I shall be sure to tip my hat next time I catch thine eye at Trader Joe’s.

(h/t: Wired)