Readers Weigh in on NYC’s Spiciest Dish


Yesterday may have been National Hot and Spicy Food Day (because that’s a thing, we guess), and in honor of the occasion, we posted a short list of spots where you can feel the burn–and readers weighed in with a good deal more suggestions.

So what are NYC’s spiciest dishes?

Says Joey Büesle:

Joya thai chili sauce is up there.

Matthew Pop cites another:

mirchi pakora, from curry heaven in brooklyn

While we named the famous phaal at Brick Lane, chameleonz123 points to another version of the dish:

The Phaal at Mitali

Asked for the full blast version and it was insane,

but I ate the whole thing and paid for it the next day big time on the other end……. painful

And if you’re willing to travel a bit, consider this from clareandromeda1:

It was Chicken 65 at Southern Spice in north flushing. They have since relocated to Long Island.

New Hyde Park, to be exact.

The holiday might be over, but we’re gluttons for hot chili punishment any old day of the year. And if you’re like us, you might want to note these spots for next time you’re craving food that will make you break a sweat. Know of others? Join the discussion here or on the original post.