Taxi Cab Jumps Curb in front of 30 Rock, Severing A Woman’s Legs and Injuring One Other Victim


A taxi cab jumped the curb in front of 30 Rockefeller Center at approximately 11:30 a.m. FDNY has confirmed that at least one victim, listed as 23 years old in numerous reports, lost at least one leg in the crash.

FDNY tells the Voice that one victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital, and another was treated at the scene.

Bystanders rushed to the aid of the victim, a tourist from the U.K., and used belts and dog leashes as a tourniquet for the wound.

Various outlets are reporting that Dr. Mehmet Oz rushed out of his office hear NBC’s headquarters to tend to the wounded. Scanner reports indicate the the severed limb is on ice; a nearby hot dog cart vendor packed the leg with ice from his cart.

No word yet on why the cab driver drove onto the curb, but images show he has been detained by police.

Some pictures from the scene: