Dru Hill


For every triumph like “How Deep is Your Love” or the “Thong Song,” Dru Hill has faced self-inflicted setbacks like 2002’s Dru World Order or having public fisticuffs provoked by longtime member Woody quitting the group during a radio appearance that was actually staged in order to announce what would have been the group’s reunion. Fortunately, Sisqó, Nokio, and company have slowly crept back onto the stage, with 2010’s InDRUpendence Day and appearances on Keith Sweat’s reality series Platinum House reestablishing themselves as a viable act on the late ’90s urban music circuit. And quite rightly, since no one this side of Jodeci knows how to string together tighter harmonies than the Baltimore quartet.

Sat., Aug. 24, 8 p.m., 2013