Photographer Stephen Wilkes Collapses Day and Night in New York City in Photo Series


New York’s charms ripen at different times of day: while the sun is up, the city pulsates with purpose. There’s the same vibration and torque in the grandest of achievements as are in the most mundane of errands. At night, the city blooms into something else, thicker maybe, but fiery and always new. Stephen Wilkes, a Connecticut-based photographer, has rendered images of the city’s places that try to get us to feel all of it at once. His “Day to Night” series, which includes Shanghai and D.C., shows us New York in its eternal present, the bustle of the day and the exuberance of the night sitting right on top of each other. Here are some images from his series that made me wish I was better at poetry.

But in the meantime, here are some images of New York that are just damn pretty to look at.