Where Do the City’s Best Mushrooms Come From? Find out in Today’s Village Voice


Not long ago, the Hudson Valley was home to all kinds of mushroom farmers, but most of the commercial producers have long-since moved out. One exception: Bulich, a family property that overlooks the Hudson River that’s the only grower in the area that still supplies NYC.

In this week’s Village Voice, Hannah Palmer Egan gets to know Mike Bulich, who walks her through the fascinating process of mushroom farming from seed to table. The end result of his process is some of the best fungus you can find in the city: Mercer Kitchen chef Christopher Beischer tells Egan that “I love the nuttiness of [Bulich mushrooms], they’re super meaty;” Union Square Café’s Carmen Quagliata divulges that he uses Bulich specimens all over his menu.

And you can find them in the Union Square Greenmarket.

Hear the story behind Bulich mushrooms in Hannah Palmer Egan’s story in today’s Village Voice.