Chris Christie Is Co-Hosting the Boomer & Carton Show on WFAN


The Jersey pol will try his hand at radio disc jockeying. Governor Chris Christie will co-host the Boomer & Carton Show on WFAN this morning from 6 to 10 a.m. He will be filling in for Boomer Esiason, who is on vacation, going by the predictably folksy “Chris from Mendham.”

Not only is Christie a frequent caller to the show, riffing on sports and shooting the breeze in his trademark “relatable” fashion, he has co-hosted it once before, back in May 2011.

During his last appearance, Christie spent four hours demurring over whether he would run for president, interspersed with his opinions on the Mets (like) and the Jersey Shore (don’t like).

Now that Christie’s name is again flying across the pundit-o-sphere as a possible presidential candidate for 2016, we can only guess what cute down-home-isms he’ll use to duck the question this time around.