Katy Perry in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a Drone in Williamsburg, and Other Key Differences Between Brooklyn VMAs and Regular VMAs


It’s over. The vision of the charming awards show MTV execs imagined when they decided to hold this year’s Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn is gone, replaced by images of Miley Cyrus grinding up on a foam finger, and the sad, sad sound of ‘N Sync’s faltering voices.

If you were one of the fans shooed away from Barclays by police this weekend, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. In reality, Brooklyn VMAs are not very different from regular VMAs.

The first key difference is that Brooklyn is grittier than other places awards shows are held. That’s why MTV boarded a normal building up to use it as a backdrop.

The Brooklyn Paper reports: “It appears that MTV has covered one entire exterior wall of the building at Sixth Avenue and Pacific Street to make it look like a warehouse. We hear that is where all the kids are planning flash mobs and practicing tricks on their fixed-gear bicycles these days.”

It was actually kind of ironic, considering the changes the neighborhood has gone through.

The second key difference was that Lil Kim was actually in Brooklyn when she gave a forced shout-out to Brooklyn.

“Oh wow, VMAs in Brooklyn. Oh my goodness, I love y’all so much. You know, growing up in Brooklyn, I never would have imagined the VMAs being right here in my hometown. So in my Brooklyn voice, in my Biggie-Brooklyn voice: Brooklyn stand up!”

The third key difference is that only for a Brooklyn VMAs could Katy Perry have performed in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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Finally, and most importantly, MTV could only fly a drone over the Music Hall of Williamsburg during a Brooklyn VMAs.

(Here’s the footage.)

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