The NSA Bugged the United Nations Headquarters


If you were camped outside Barclays Center today, eyes laser-focused on the red carpet for a glimpse of One Directon, you might have missed this other bit of news: the NSA bugged the United Nations headquarters, according to a report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel. At this point, it would be a revelation if the spook agency hadn’t spied on the headquarters.

Der Spiegel ‘s report says that the NSA hacked into the building’s video conferencing system, citing one official in the secret documents as saying, “The data traffic gives us internal video teleconferences of the United Nations (yay!).” Yay!

Ever thorough in their quest to annihilate international law, the NSA also bugged 80 embassies and the International Atomic Energy Authority as part of the same “Special Collection Service” program.

Der Spiegel is now the fifth confirmed news outlet working on stories based on documents provided by Edward Snowden, currently living in exile in Russia. Yesterday it emerged that ProPublica, along with the Guardian, Washington Post, and the New York Times will be joining the fray of papers reporting on the NSA’s spying program.