A Brooklyn Bodega Is Selling a Strip of the VMA Red Carpet For $5,000


Just before Miley destroyed the world by dancing lasciviously with sad bears, the stars of Sunday’s VMAs trotted their fit and happy haunches down the red carpet in front of a thirsty press corps eager to ask them who they were wearing and snap pics of them posing. Nothing too special, we suppose, considering the red carpet is a time honored tradition of ass kissery that started long ago and will go on until the sun goes dark. Buuuut this red carpet took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, up Sixth Ave and rounding the corner at Dean St., a relatively quiet block (save for the NYFD testing their Jaws of Life a couple times each day) with friendly long-time neighbors and a trusty corner bodega, Dubai Mini Mart, which made for some very special moments. Like this: Dubai Mini Mart is selling a strip of the VMA red carpet that hosted Snooki, Sway, Taylor Swift, One Direction and the rest of God’s Most Perfect Angels on eBay. It can be yours for the measly “Buy It Now” price of $5,000.

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THAT’S A FUCKING STEAL! As the eBay auction for this slice of Heaven makes clear, this is the same VMA red carpet Yung Twerk God Miley Cyrus gave several animated hints about the visual apocalypse that would happen later on in the evening. This is history. And it could be yours! Bidding starts at $500, and currently there are–guess, just guess–zero bids.

Imagine how great it would look in your living room, how many conversations it could start at the parties you always dream about throwing.

We paid a visit to Dubai Mini Mart yesterday to talk to them about the carpet and what it was like being at the center of the pop culture world for about an hour and a half on Sunday night. They tell us, during the MTV pre-show broadcast, they were inundated with what they estimate was 100 or more calls from around the country (Michigan, California, Utah) from very excited people who’d looked up their number to call and tell them “YOU’RE ON TV RIGHT NOW!” as though they were unaware. It was a reaction ecstatic and surprising enough to lead them to believe they should try to lift some of the red carpet before MTV scooted off to their headquarters at 1515 Broadway.

They fully expect the bids to start coming in before the close of the auction on September 2nd, and said they’ve been approached by interested buyers who’ve seen the red carpet, which happens to be stacked right inside the door by a couple of coolers of quarter water and different varieties of V8 High Fructose Syrup Corn Splashers.

Here’s a picture of Miley in front of Dubai Mini Mart.

More photos from the red carpet on the next page, including one of the moment that very well may change history as we know it.

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