Dunkin Donuts Must Pay $200,000 in Back Wages to Employees in Staten Island and New Jersey


When I pay for a gallon of coffee and bacon that tastes like pennies, I expect part of my $4 to go to the hardworking cashiers and managers that served me. The U.S. Department of Labor found that 55 Dunkin Donuts franchises were short-changing their managers. The company operating the branches must now pay $200,000 in back wages to 64 of its employees.

New Jersey-based QSR Management was systematically denying its managers overtime pay, claiming that its workers were exempt. By Federal law, the employees had to have been making at least $455 in guaranteed weekly salary to be exempt from overtime pay–as if $455 a week is a living wage in New York City.

On top of withholding overtime, management used tips to cover shortages at cash registers at two locations. Eight employees are being compensated for the theft of their tips.

(h/t: Crain’s New York)

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