First Ever In-House Strip Club Coming to Atlantic City, the City’s Future Apparently Depends On It


Welcome to your Tuesday in cockamamy headlines. The Associated Press’ “Bust to Boom: Can Strippers Save Atlantic City?” asks you, gentle reader to consider the following: Will a giant strip club buoy the failing economy of the East Coast’s capital of vice?

A branch of the Chelsea-based Scores strip club will open in the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City next month, the first strip club inside a casino since gambling was legalized in the city 35 years ago. Scores also claims that the new joint will be the largest “Adult Entertainment Complex” on the East Coast. Because really, what’s more awesome than going to a football field-sized warehouse to have other people watch you get turned on?

“We feel this is the third leg of the Atlantic City triangle: gambling, alcohol, and adult entertainment,” said Bob Gans, the club’s managing partner, to AP. “It’s a natural.”

With the grand opening on September 12, third legs visiting Atlantic City have 5 VIP rooms and 11 stripper poles to look forward to, even if New Jersey law prohibits total nudity.

Let’s see how many cover charges–ranging from $10 to $30–it takes to make up for Atlantic City’s revenue shortfall of $2 billion in the last year alone. And that’s on top of the $25 million it took to build the place over the last two years. I wonder how many of those poles are structural.