Stuart Gordon’s 1985 slash-and-laugh fest Re-Animator is certainly the strangest H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, but who says it’s not relatable, too? At its core is just another roommate horror story—he bickers with your girlfriend, you find your dead cat in his freezer, he drags you to the morgue to conduct weird experiments late at night. But where the rest of us might be posting ever more desperate Craigslist ads, med student Dan gives his cagey Swiss houseguest the benefit of the doubt, inciting a gruesome dust-up between corpse and man. A doctor who refuses to let decapitation keep him down and the most oblivious security guard in the world still make us laugh and haunt our dreams. Bonus: At tonight’s midnight screening, you can also snag a complimentary advance copy of Marisha Pessl’s new literary thriller, Night Film.

Fri., Aug. 30, 11:59 p.m., 2013