NYPD Designates Some Mosques as Terrorist Organizations and Conservative Twitterdom Gives Three Cheers


If you’ve ever walked around the city and seen those NYPD machines that look like cherry pickers with a viewing deck, you’ve just passed a NYPD surveillance unit. Someone on that block or near it is getting their insides X-rayed by some cop in a spy treehouse. Now you can expect to see more of those in the vicinity of mosques, which the police have taken to designating as terrorism organizations. That’s right: set foot in any of the designated places of worship and you immediately become subject to department surveillance. Upon hearing the news, Twitter users across the land jumped for joy, with shouts of “finally!” and “I told you so.” Here’s a sampler of some of the more crazy/upsetting tweets we came across.

But Runnin’ Scared, aren’t you picking on these people?


Is this at all newsworthy?

Also, yes.

One wise editor once said, don’t pick on the small guy at the risk of looking like a small guy, too. Excellent advice in most every case: It’s easy to get a reputation for being petty.

But not every small guy is just a small guy, so to speak. Hashtags have a way of making the bonkers-ness of one small guy into an Internet avalanche of crazy. (In this case, #tcot–top conservatives on Twitter–was a popular choice.) Plus, the outright racism of regular folks, not just the pundits with the soundbites on Fox, often escapes the attention of the media. And that’s what’s most pernicious: Public support for these sorts of programs are what make it harder to get rid of them.

There’s no denying that “tough on crime” rhetoric is popular with the crowd. It helps everyone from aldermen to presidents get elected. And hey, it’s what brought stop and frisk into being. We even subject our kids to it, voting in school board superintendents touting zero-tolerance policies that make the problem worse, not better.

But this a fact: The NYPD is casually tossing aside the Fourth Amendment in surveilling mosques as terrorism organizations, and people are on board with this plainly racist thuggery. It seems there is a duty in revealing the magnitude of that support in a political climate where the default is guilty until proven innocent.

Since there’s an affinity among the shrillest tweeters to use fake and/or ridiculous profile images and bios, there’s no way to be totally sure none of these are satirical. And that makes this edition of Crackpot Conversatives On The Internet extra sad.

So without further ado, some tweets that made Runnin’ Scared the frowniest: