New Jersey “Stronger than the Storm” Ads To Be Discontinued, Finally


Governor Christie’s “Stronger than the Storm” ad campaign is about to go off the air! If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to see the schmaltzy 30-second spot, you’ll be celebrating right along with us. Sweeping shots of New Jersey’s coastline, super cute cupcakes, smiling children making sand castles, Christie helping himself to a seaside meal: What’s not to barf?

The ads were intended to inspire confidence that Jersey’s vacay spots would be ready in time for summer demand. The Jersey shore was slammed by Superstorm Sandy, so there was plenty of reason to be worried.

But the ad quickly became a nuisance, the power ballad especially commissioned for it shooting out of the TV like a flamethrower.

Now that we’ve been under siege for months–oh, and summer’s over–it’s time for the ads to be retired. They are set to stop running Sunday, September 1, just ahead of Labor Day.

If you want to see Christie’s family sit around in a circle facing each other while a woman taps at her smart phone in the background, watch the video below.