To Replace Gus the Polar Bear, Only Another Polar Bear Will Do Say New Yorkers


The New York Post took took to Twitter yesterday with a campaign to replace Gus the Polar Bear, who died earlier this week at 27, with another polar bear. To replace the famed “bipolar bear,” apparently nothing less than another large land predator will do. #HonorGus, everyone. #HonorGus.

Interviews with New Yorkers reveal that having a polar bear in the center of the park is apparently now a tradition, despite the fact polar bears have only intermittently occupied an enclosure at the zoo.

GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota offered to the Post, “Gus was an icon, but we should keep the tradition going of having a polar bear at the zoo.”

Better keep hustling, Post. Looks like the Wildlife Conservation Society is thinking of renting to seals.

(h/t: New York Post)