Anthony Weiner Delivers Cringeworthy Performance at West Indian Day Parade [VIDEO]


The West Indian Day Parade in Crown Heights yesterday was turned all the way up to 11, and the candidates for mayor took the chance to grandstand for possibly the last time before the primary in a little over a week. While Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson were busy dragging down de Blasio, Anthony Weiner was entertaining the crowd from aboard his campaign float.

The New York Daily News was kind enough to post footage of the spectacle to YouTube, capturing Weiner’s festive but oh-so bizarre attempt at a toast.

As far as shouting over dance hall drum tracks goes, a roll call of the different West Indian heritages being celebrated is almost charming.

But watching this also-ran who is unaware of being an also-ran pander so obviously makes the eeeeeek of nails on a chalkboard seem positively erotic.

The best part? Weiner just gives up and jumps off the float, leaving the rest of it to the hype man.

Watch the video below. You’ve been warned.