The 33rd District City Council Candidates Went At It on Twitter With Claws Out Yesterday


There isn’t anything more satisfying than when the curtain gets pulled back on a campaign, and you can see just how much two candidates just hate each other. One such moment came to us last night, when candidates for the 33rd City Council District seat Steve Levin and Stephen Pierson flamed each other on Twitter for over three hours, accusing each other of corruption and libel. We’ve reproduced the blowout in its entirety here on Runnin’ Scared.

The whole thing began innocently enough. Politicians use their Twitters to troll each other all the time. Challenger Pierson started banging on the war drum by accusing incumbent Levin of corruption. According to Pierson, Levin, a city councilmember since 2010, siphoned $7 million out of city coffers for the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, run by disgraced former state Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

But Levin took public issue with the accusation, setting off a rolling he-said he-said about whose campaign was dirtier. At one point a Twitter user going by Jonathan jumped into the fray on Pierson’s side and said some mean, mean stuff about Levin.

The two eventually tired each other out with their squabbling over esoteric budget items, but only after a full three hours of firing back and forth at each other.

The tweet beef is reproduced below, for your viewing pleasure. Why can’t all Stephens just get along?