Cops Investigating the “Fastest Lap Around Manhattan” Video


Surprise! Not everything happening in New York has to do with the Mayoral election, as much as we bloggers might have you believe. There’s also people committing extraordinarily dangerous stunts and videotaping the acts for our YouTube-ing pleasure. Police are investigating the YouTube video “Fastest Lap Around Manhattan 2013”, in which someone circles the borough in just over 24 minutes. Set to powerfully bad house music, you can tell the guy behind the wheel is living out some pornified Fast and the Furious fantasy, because why not?

Posted under the handle AfroDuck Production, the video speeds through the 24 minutes of the trip in just six. The driver starts off heading down FDR Drive, travels around the bottom of the island, speeds up West Side Highway, and comes back around on 95. In order to travel the whole route in 24 minutes, he had to have averaged 66 miles per hour.

Jalopnik first reported on the video last week, scoring an interview with the driver. A short excerpt from the interview:

JALOPNIK: Why publish your video so close to when you performed the run? Other drivers waited over a year to release their footage, if ever.
AFRODUCK: You frankly can’t identify who I am by just looking at the video and records were meant to be broken. I’ll release my name a year from now.

J: How did you prepare for the run?
AD: Other than my car being stocked, I went out various times throughout the night to figure out the traffic patter[n]s.

J: What was your hairiest moment during the lap?
AD: None, I was always in control. In fact, this wasn’t the first time I broke the record. I can do it consistently under 24 minutes and most likely beat my own record again.

J: What would you say to someone considering an attempt on breaking your record?
AD: Go ahead. Just watch out for the speeding tickets.

Worse advice could not be given.