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“A living theatrical novel set against a magical vision of New York City,” is how master storyteller Mike Daisey describes his latest show, All the Faces of the Moon. Over 29 consecutive nights, Daisey will perform an entirely different show about NYC’s colorful characters, both past and present. One night might be a tale of Nikola Tesla’s labs in the Lower East Side; another night will explore the Mole People who live in the subway tunnels. To accompany each show, Russian painter Larissa Tokmakova has created a different large oil painting. And the more shows you see, the more goodies you’ll get (for instance, if you attend three shows, you’ll receive a limited edition poster with each of the 29 paintings on it and signed by the artist). Can’t make them all? The shows will be podcast the following day by noon for free.

Sat., Oct. 5, 8 p.m., 2013