Six British Soldiers Charged With Assaulting an Off-Duty NYC Cop


Call it the Revenge of the Redcoats. Six British soldiers beat the hell out of an off-duty NYPD officer early last Friday morning, and have now been charged in the assault. Since breaking the man’s nose and seriously messing up his jaw weren’t enough, one of the men tried to steal the NYPD officer’s phone when the injured man dialed 911.

The men–Iosefo Yavala, Iliakini Raderua, Thomas Shute, Felite Vunisarati, Mosese Kuruala, and Joeli Raduva–were in the U.S. as part of a rugby tour.

The British Defense Ministry hasn’t given any comment except to confirm that the men are Fijian nationals in the British Army–as citizens of the Commonwealth (i.e., the British Borg), Fijians can join the British military.

All of the men are part of the Scots Guards, one of the army regiments that stands in front the Queen’s house all day and endures abuse from tourists. I’d be criminally pissed off, too, if I had to wear that hat all day.