Stephen Colbert Cordially Invites Joe Lhota To Finally Kill Those Subway Kittens


We told you yesterday about the happy ending for August and Arthur, the adorable stupid subway kittens who tied up train traffic for two hours, and are now living in a stylish cardboard cat-condo in Bushwick. They’re easily the most interviewed cute, idiotic creatures around right now, with seemingly every news outlet in town flocking to foster daddy Steven Liu’s apartment. (The ingrate kitties have responded by scratching the hell out of him. Or possibly they’re just not fans of the Daily News.)

Last night, though, Stephen Colbert took a different tack, paying homage on his show to Joe Lhota, the “one politician out there with the courage to grease our tracks with cat babies.”

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Colbert noted that Lhota, the only candidate who didn’t support stopping the trains to rescue the cats, hadn’t actually managed to kill them. So he brought the kitties and Liu into the studio — two out of three cowering in a basket — and invited Lhota to stop by to off the kittens, offering him a variety of weapons: a bat, a chef’s knife, several hammers, a monkey wrench, “or a classic burlap bag filled with rocks to toss into the East River.”

“I’ll be waiting for you in my studio,” Colbert told Lhota. “But please take a car — the subway is infested with these monsters.”

Here’s the full clip. No word yet on when Lhota plans to undertake his cold-blooded, campaign-boosting kitty murder.