Fashion Week: Kanye West Causes Frenzy at Hood by Air; Duckie Brown Reinvents the Manservant


As much as we love floral skirts, it’s the men’s fashion collections that are wildly entertaining and beyond brilliant this Fashion Week.

Sunday morning, while most of New York was deep in slumber, we headed off to Milk Studios for Hood by Air, the menswear collection led by creative director Shayne Oliver, which always puts a gender spin to the line that is beloved by rappers.

One artist in the front row who induced mass hysteria in photographers and fashion spectators alike was none other than Mr. Kanye West.

But before the frenzy ensued, what we found backstage in hair and makeup were beefy male models getting their faces bronzed, stylists applying and painting their nails, as well as attaching very long hair extensions.

Some dudes seemed like they were getting into it, while others just zoned out on their headphones. We saw one dude trying desperately to pick up his sagging pants without breaking his new acrylic nails.

Hair stylist Amy Farid told us that inspiration behind this look was Venus and Serena Williams and Forrest Gump. Yeah, that combo gave us a brain freeze, too.

Farid said she aimed to create a hairstyle as a response to New York’s new marriage equality rights. “If men can get married now, they deserve wedding hair.” For Farid, this included glittery barrettes attached to teased updos. The look was also paired with crazy Nike high-tops that resembled something more of a snow boot.

Although his emotionless expression didn’t change much, West seemed pleased with the overall looks of the new collection, titled Gump, which included beaded HBA necklaces, zipper jackets that attach to button-up shirts, and long shorts and skirts. And we all know Kanye knows how to pull off a mean skirt.

On Friday we ventured to the Meatpacking District for Duckie Brown’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection and were floored when we saw the men making their grand entrance in bowl haircuts and sporting long halter tops, aprons, lace hoodies, and collarless jackets.

We weren’t astonished because these garments aren’t typically considered menswear for the average guy, but because Duckie Brown designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver presented the collection in an inventive manner that included the best soundtrack: Leikeli47’s “Miss America.”

The models, some covered in tattoos, really sold the clothes. Yes, we can see real men wearing these manservant outfits, and we’d be proud to walk alongside of them. This show is the epitome of what Fashion Week should look like: art!