Lady Gaga Fan Portraits That Look Nothing Like Lady Gaga


We’re not sure what Lady Gaga really looks like anymore, but we know this collection of fan art doesn’t resemble her at all.

We swear this lovely nerd (above) was in our graphic design course, not on the VMAs. “Miss Gaga” Digital Art Print by Pollypixels

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WonderlandArtwork on etsy.

We’re gaga over this Original Lady GaGa Acrylic Painting by WonderlandArtwork, mostly because it doesn’t resemble Gaga at all. C’est chic!

hwheaton on etsy.

This Lady Gaga Digital Art Caricature by hwheaton looks more like a vintage Vogue illustration.


TheBerryPress on etsy.

This Fine Art Print by Wendy Hogue Berry AKA TheBerryPress must be attributed incorrectly. There’s no way this Harajuku-style Julianne Moore is supposed to be Gaga.

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RynWeiszIllustration on etsy.

The woman depicted in this Celebrity Portrait by Ryn Weisz AKA RynWeiszIllustration looks too young and approachable to be Lady Gaga.

BambiBorgArt on etsy.

For a second we thought Deadmau5 had an illegitimate child with a fembot, but it’s really a Lady Gaga Portrait by BambiBorgArt.

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