The 10 Sappiest Lines from Christine Quinn’s “A Day in My Life on the Mayoral Campaign”


Christine Quinn is having a tough time. She came into this mayoral race as the favorite, with all the momentum being the first woman Council Speaker and Bloomberg’s acolyte grants. But when Anthony Weiner’s campaign imploded, Quinn’s faltered. Instead, Bill de Blasio picked up the slack, and now Quinn is fighting to force a run-off. Facing his star power and de Blasio’s relentless courting of young people and women, Quinn had to do something drastic. Something no one else would think to do: Write an essay for XO Jane brimming with platitudes. What better way to court young people than assault them with corny political lines like “I want to make this city soar”? Without further ado, here are the 10 sappiest lines from Quinn’s XO Jane essay. You’ll notice that Runnin’ Scared has basically reproduced the essay.

1. It is what inspires me to visit neighborhoods all across the city and walk and talk — or as I say, wawk and tawk, with all city dwellers as I run for Mayor of New York City.

2. I love it when voters spontaneously push in with their own energy and enthusiasm — that’s what it’s all about, right?

3. Here’s what a day on the trail looks like, this week as I listen to New Yorkers, and ask for their support. They have mine.

4. Getting to know New Yorkers gives me great joy — and knowing that I’m able to make a difference in their lives and in the life of the city I love fiercely has inspired me over two decades in public service.

5. Being New Yorkers, nobody is shy about coming right up to me and telling me what’s on their mind.

6. At a senior center late in the day, a Latina grandmother holds my hand to tell me that she had a long conversation, “with the man upstairs” while she prayed for victory.

7. That brought tears to my eyes–it makes me think of my own mother, who died when I was young–and her mother, who against all odds survived the Titanic over a hundred years ago as she fought to get to this country.

8. Walking down the street with volunteers, voters, colleagues and community leaders throughout the day, and into the night, I love being surrounded by New Yorkers — and that they feel they can share their dreams and their frustrations [sic] New Yorkers need a strong leader who will deliver results and make the city stronger, happier, more vibrant and more innovative than ever before.

9. “I want be Mayor too!” the younger girl, maybe 7, shouts. I think she can be! The enthusiasm, support and love that I receive on the trail every day from women and girls is incredible and pushes me even harder.

10. It’s been great sharing my day with all of you!