Election Meltdown? Anecdotal Reports of Broken Voting Machines Spread [Updated]


Another election, another wave of broken voting machines.

Queens activist Luis Flores, for example, reported a major problem with casting his vote earlier today. He tells us that a voting machine was broken in the 63rd Election District in Jackson Heights, Queens, and then he got a hard time for complaining about it.

Flores was standing in line to vote when a woman in front of him told him the levers on the machine were frozen. He asked a campaign worker if it was alright to vote by paper ballot, and was rebuffed. Then, when he started filming the incident with his camera, the election worker threatened to have him arrested and called police.

The responding officer ordered him to put his phone away. “We were denied paper ballots, and I had to cast my ballot using the broken voting machine,” Flores says. “After my ballot was cast, the police officer pulled me aside and detained me while he telephoned his sergeant to find out if I should be arrested. I was eventually let go with a warning,.”

A look at Twitter indicates there were reported problems with the machines across the city, including the Bronx, downtown Brooklyn, the Park Slope Armory, and elsewhere. We’re waiting on a returned call from the city Board of Elections. Journalist Jarrett Murphy tweeted this picture of a machine with broken levers.

Tweets by the city Board of Elections downplayed the extent of the problems. is reporting 41 complaints about the voting machines.