Four Videos Showing Jets Fans At Their Best/Craziest


Yesterday this little Jets fan whizzed across the Internet for hurling insults at some Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans in the stands. The kid is fired up–it’s good to get ’em started when they’re young. Here are four more videos of Jets fans letting their passion for the team rip, to hilarious results.

The vid that started it all. This guy is all the way turned up over whatever exactly is happening on the field, and he wants to make sure the visiting Bucs fans know exactly what their place is.

1. This Jets fan reps his team from Florida with an admittedly impressive decal job on his car. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the one and only Jets Mobile.

2. This Jets fan makes friends with some Pats fans with a not-so-PC joke, complete with digs at Jews, Italians, and the “Spanish”.

3. These Jets fans are overcome by the love that dare not speak its name when the Jets win.

4. And this little Jets fan reminds us it’s tough being a Jets fan, but there are always brighter days ahead.

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