Kings County Distillery Heating Up The Whiskey Still of Brooklyn (VIDEO)


In The Spirit: Kings County Distillery from Eve Turow on Vimeo.

Behind the Navy Yard gates sits Kings County Distillery, the first Brooklyn whiskey distillery to open after Prohibition.

Run by architect Colin Spoelman and New York magazine Deputy Editor David Haskell–along with a team of distillers, farmers, and brewmasters–the distillery churns out un-aged corn whiskey (moonshine), bourbon, and chocolate flavored whiskey. Kings County set up shop in the century-old brick Paymaster building and arranged a booze museum–or “boozeum”–on the top floor, where visitors can taste spirits and learn about the history of making alcohol in New York. Always experimenting with new stills, flavors, and aging processes, Kings County Distillery continues to create tasty Brooklyn-minded spirits for the Brooklyn drinker.