NYPD Narcotics Detectives Busted Up An Alleged Shabbat-Observing Drug Ring


We’re not saying that you deal drugs. And you really shouldn’t. But in the event that you decide to dabble in the controlled substance arts, it seems important to keep several things in mind. Things like: deal only with people you know. Don’t send incriminating mass text messages to your huge customer list, things like “Shop is now opened DOB, Blues, kpins, subs & white girl.” Besides being poorly-punctuated, narcotics officers will quickly decode that one, inferring that you have for sale several different varieties of drugs: heroin that you’ve name-branded “D.O.B.,” along with Oxycodone, Klonopin, Suboxone (a prescription drug people usually take to get off opioids) and cocaine.

As far as closing for Shabbat? You can do that if you’re so inclined, we guess. But while it’s a nice gesture, it didn’t help six guys in Sheepshead Bay, who were arrested in April for drug-dealing, after a search of one of their apartments turned up lots and lots of drugs. This morning, five of them were slapped with additional conspiracy charges.

According to police, the men involved were Jack Zibak, 28, Jack Zaibak, 24, Eduard Sorin, 38, David Gerowitz, 26, Philip Mandel, 37, and Aron Dombroff, 30. The NYPD and the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor (SNP) say that between February 2012 and April 2013, the guys ran a drug ring out of Zaibak’s Sheepshead Bay apartment, selling a whole bunch of drugs to a list of over 50 people, who they preferred to contact via enthusastic mass texts.

“Awesome batch of dob just came!!!”, a text from April 12 read, shortly before the men were arrested. “Open from now till 7:30 also blues stix & subs.”

“Blues stix” were Xanax, and the unusually strict closing time was due to the group’s observance of Shabbat, prosecutors say. According to the SNP, “Text messages repeatedly cautioned customers against arriving after sundown on a Friday or before nightfall on
Saturday. Additionally, texts included specific windows of time during which sales would take place on a particular day, such as the first 15 minutes of the hour, as well as detailed instructions on where customers should wait in the event of a bottleneck at the apartment.”

The cops investigated the group for six months, in an operation they dubbed “Only After Sundown.” On April 20, a Saturday, they searched the apartment, where they found 900 glassines of heroin (baggies), 335 oxycodone pills, a “small quantity” of cocaine, and additional amounts, presumably also small, of Xanax, Suboxone and Klonopin, all of it spread out on a table, as well as in two safes and a bathroom. Police also found a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition in a closet, as well as a “drug ledger” and a Blackberry with a lot of problematic text messages in it. The men were all arrested the same day.

Before the new conspiracy charges were brought today, which all of them face except for Dombroff, the guys were already in a considerable amount of trouble, facing multiple charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a weapon, criminally using drug paraphernalia and criminal possession of stolen property. The group is also believed to have stolen prescription pads from doctors at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, then forging prescriptions for the pain pills. Zaibak and Sorin are also charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument, for filling those forged prescriptions.

Drugs are bad, y’all. So are detailed, highly incriminating text messages.