VIDEO: Eliot Spitzer Stumps on Hot 97, The Station He Once Fined $240,000


De Blasio already had an edge over his rivals in the polls when he appeared on Hot 97 on August 29. After the station endorsed him, he surged even further into first place–he was leading his nearest rival by 23 points going into Tuesday’s election.

Hoping for a Hot 97 bump of his own, Eliot Spitzer stopped by the station “where hip-hop lives” on election morning to chat with morning hosts Ebro and Rosenberg.

Asked what he would do as comptroller Spitzer was blunt. “Let’s be crass: money is power,” he said.

“You get that much money,” Spitzer went on, referring to the city’s $140 billion pension fund, “you control those equities in the capital markets, we don’t need to listen to the CEOs telling us what they want to do. We own them, they don’t own us.”

Spitzer also trumpeted his past accomplishments, saying,”[New Yorkers] look at what I did as Attorney General, and they think, ‘Yeah that guy fought for us.'”

Left unmentioned during the visit was the fact that back in his Attorney General days, Spitzer fought against Hot 97, hitting the station with a whopping $240,000 fine over an on-air promotion called “Smackfest,” during which young female listeners slapped each other for a chance to win concert tickets and cash prizes.

It seems there’s no love lost between the candidate and the station, though: Asked what he would like to do if he does not win the bid for comptroller, Spitzer cracked, “I want to be a DJ on a radio show–got any openings? I see there’s a mic sitting over there.”