Win Tickets to Blink 182’s Show at Music Hall of Williamsburg!


Blink 182. You know them. You love them. And we’ll have a lot more about them and their Wednesday show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow and Thursday. But these tickets we’re giving away, they were made possible out of the kindness that pours from the hearts of the lovable scamps pictured above, New Beat Fund. So let’s talk about them.

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From Los Angeles, three of the four members of New Beat Fund have played together for nearly a decade, when the punk and classic West Coast hip-hop of Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Pharcyde they grew up on drove them to the garage to create what would eventually become a sound they call “G-Punk.” They are influenced by the likes of Weezer, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, and Sublime, and you can find trace elements of those groups in their mashed up sound. Of course, Blink 182 could also be counted as an influence, and it’s those fun-loving pop-punk goofballs that New Beat Fund is currently supporting on tour. This fall they’ll be traveling around this great country o’ ours with 3OH!3, the Summer Set and Wallpaper on the Journeys Noise Tour, which, sadly, is not a reunion tour of the band Journey making noise.

So, you want tickets to tomorrow’s show, then? Here’s what you do:

1) Be a living human adult in the year 2013. This means, of course, being on Twitter. You’ll want to follow us @soundofthecity.

2) Once you’re following us, tweet us “THANKS FOR INTRODUCING ME TO MY NEW FAVORITE BAND!” We’ll pick a winner at random and DM you later today to notify you that you’re the lucky girl/boy who ever lived.

3) There is no 3). That’s it– 1) and 2)– that’s all you have to do. Now get thee to Twitter!

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