Drink Cheaply at The Third Man, The Brooklyn Star, and Num Pang


The harvest is peaking, but cheap drinks are always in season. Here’s a look at a few places around town to get drinks for a steal this week.

The Third Man, 115 Avenue C

“The Wolf Hour” howls from 7 to 9 p.m. at this cocktail bar with a Viennese vibe from the co-owners of Edi & The Wolf. Specials include $8 cocktails and $5 beers like Radeberger, which you can sip on the cocktail bar’s outdoor balcony. If you’re aiming for the full experience, though, you might want to order the bar’s bourbon-based Cuckoo Clock cocktail and pull up a chair to the counter–or head for the intimate booth in the back.

The Brooklyn Star, 593 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn

From 4 to 7 p.m., $1 oysters and a $7 cocktail of the week keep this bustling Williamsburg southerner a fun pre-dinner destination. You might find spicy margaritas or sweet tea sours featured as specials, though if you’re a fan of the bar’s unofficial mascot, Chuck Norris, you might grab a brew instead. Use $3 Lone Stars to wash down the restaurant’s signature fried pig tails–a dish that results in a roundhouse kick to the taste buds.

Num Pang, 1129 Broadway

The NoMad location of this Cambodian sandwich shop debuted menu items and drink specials this week, welcome additions to its new-ish food-centric happy hour. Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold and Sixpoint Bengali Tiger drafts are $4; you’ll also find $4 glasses of wine and a special shareable pitcher of Cambodian sangria for $20. Bar snacks include roasted okra and spicy chicken wings for $3 as well as $6 select signature sandwiches.