Conflict in Syria Drives Two Williamsburg Roommates Apart [UPDATE]


Almost all of us have been there recently: chilling with friends, having a good time, maybe drinking one too many beers, and then someone brings up Syria. Debate over whether or not to dive headlong into another West Asian war is, in general, a good thing. But not when the same person brings it up over and over, interrupting every quiet moment in the privacy of the home you share. Yesterday a craigslist ad surfaced advertising a room in Williamsburg by someone driven out of their apartment by a Syria-crazed roommate. The place comes with “a kitchenette, a large (by New York standards, ha ha) bathroom, and a roommate that’s going to have some opinions on Syria.”

Oh! Seems these two fellas are having are hard time replacing the toilet paper and also coming to an agreement over Congressional authorization. Let’s read more everyday roommate drama. Also, geopolitics:

Oh really, Mike? “Apathy towards the Middle East is bankrupting this nation’s morality”? Stop using my shampoo.

Mike, stop using the man’s shampoo. That stuff is expensive! Also, how are you evaluating the construct of the nation-state such that it has a morality? Does late modernity permit a socio-political structure that can “believe”? But seriously man, buy your own hair care product.

We take it from the content of the ad that the roommate posting it is anti-intervention. But he–and we’re assuming it’s a “he”–seems to protest too much. Not sleeping in his own house for a whole week? Never returning to pick up his stuff, like those “irreplaceable family photos, and little mementos from ex-girlfriends that I just can’t bring myself to throw away”?

Is this a fake a la Jimmy Kimmel? Almost definitely; designed to feed on the media frenzy surrounding the Syrian Civil War, we’re thinking.

But Runnin’ Scared has reached out to the author of the post just in case. We will update when we hear back. In the meantime, if you know who wrote this don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Update: The Craigslister got back to us, and it is indeed a fake. The post is the work of comedian Andy Bankin, whose other credits include a sort-of funny conversation about workplace feminism at a strip club. He confirmed his identity to Runnin’ Scared. He took to Twitter, admitting that there are people who were actually duped by the ad: