8 Reasons Why Fashion Week Didn’t Suck


Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Naturally, we used all of Sunday to nap and recover from 12 hectic days of runway shows, celebrity sightings, and chain-smoking free e-cigarettes. While in deep coma, we drifted back to all of the thrilling, weird moments that Fashion Week coughed up, without which the entire event would simply be a train of super-thin models wearing overpriced clothes.

8. Cynthia Rowley

One of the most awkward photo ops was at Cynthia Rowley’s presentation when Tyson Chandler of the Knicks and his wife, Kimberly, arrived. Rowley, who maybe comes up to Chandler’s chest, got up on a model’s platform to hug the towering basketball player. But not wanting to be left out of the photo, Kimberly, who was still standing on the floor, hugged Rowley around the stomach.

7. Anya Caliendo

Aside from making history as the first American milliner to host a solo show at New York Fashion week, Anya Caliendo earned our respect just by making the craziest shit we’ve seen on people’s heads since Pre-Revolutionary France. Her Cirque-du-Soleil-ish presentation shook things up, and reminded us that this week is best when designers take chances and make bold statements. We’ve got a mind for the outlandish, and this collection put a hat on it.

6. Hood by Air

Backstage at the Hood by Air show, we were taken aback by the sight of brooding male models getting hair extensions and updos as if it were the 1950s. In one chair a makeup stylist applied heavy bronzer to the model’s face, while another stylist pressed acrylic nails on a surprising chipper guy. And all of this before 11 a.m. on a Sunday! Then we got a glimpse of the insanely big Nike hightop boots. As soon as we got a moment to catch our breath, Kanye West made a low-key entrance, queuing about a zillion photographers’ flashbulbs. The runway looks, which included tighty-whities, skorts, and HBA beaded necklaces, were beautifully inspiring.

5. Duckie Brown

One simple word describes our emotions at Duckie Brown: awe. Perhaps that feeling can be attributed to the weird bowl haircuts, or the sight of beefy dudes wearing halter tops. Whatever it was, the show’s soundtrack (Leikeli47’s “Miss America”) heightened the reverence. We’ve been impressed by Duckie Brown’s collections in the past, but this one took the label’s creative spirit to another level. They delivered a truly remarkable and unforgettable show.

4. Miles McMillan

Days before Fashion Week had even begun, we got a glimpse of model greatness. Designer Paola Hernandez posted an image of a casting call portrait featuring one heck of a beautiful man. When Hernandez’s presentation arrived, there he was, outside waiting to be primped and proper. His name is Miles McMillan, and he floored us. He seemed vaguely familiar (at one minute mark). Attractive models abound during Fashion Week, but Millan’s striking features are something else. Apparently the Internet thinks so as well. In the coming days we saw McMillan again backstage at Lincoln Center, where his knock-out looks were so distracting that is seemed as if everything around him was out-of-focus. On the following day we read on Perez Hilton that the dude standing next to McMillan, at the exact moment when we spotted him, was his new boyfriend, actor Zachary Quinto. We’re bummed that we won’t see his pretty face until next Fashion Week, but until then, we’ll always have H&M.

3. Alice and Olivia

We got to appreciate how Fashion Week enabled us to make absurd distinctions on a regular basis, like between our mid-morning champagne and our late-afternoon champagne. The grubby-fingered freegan in us loved the downright artisanal cocktails at the Alice and Olivia presentation. “The Collegiate”—a kind of margarita hybrid made with high end tequila and garnished with a pineapple frond—snags our vote for best complementary drink. But once we tore ourselves away from the bar, we were able to appreciate the most elegant gowns we had seen all week, not to mention a mighty-tempting bowling ball-sized line of handbags. Paris Hilton’s smug grin and the delighted squeals of various former Gossip Girl cast members summed it up better than any verbal description could.

2. Marc Jacobs

Spring clothes aren’t really our favorite. It’s layers we love. So, we were thrilled to find that it was opposite day at Marc Jacobs. With a set that looked like a day at the beach after a hurricane, the designer sent his models down the runway in floor-skimming dresses, black lacy tops layered underneath elaborate sweatshirts, and jackets that were a cross between officer and toreador. Bravo!

1. Betsey Johnson

Seventy-one-year-old designer Betsey Johnson embodies the vivacious spirit of Fashion Week . Despite declaring bankruptcy in 2011, Johnson, thanks to her reality show, Betsey + Lulu, and a low-priced clothing line, has a renewed sense of vigor that’s apparent in her runway shows. Her fashion presentation this year fell on 9/11, an extremely hot day, and yet her runway show gave us chills. Each model sported a frizzy short pink wig, strutted down in tulle skirts and dresses. But the closing number topped it all off. The models, clad in cute multicolored briefs, came out waving American flags to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” Watch in all its glory below!