Fox Host Todd Starnes Outraged That Indian-American Nina Davuluri Won Miss America


The Miss America pageant is not known for being especially thoughtful (the first question asked in the interview segment this year was about twerking, the second question about sexting, the third about Syria).

The judges seem unusually prescient this year though, with their decision to award the title to Miss New York, 24-year-old Nina Davuluri.

But New York-based Fox News & Commentary radio host Todd Starnes isn’t pleased with the pick.

Davuluri’s family immigrated to Fayetteville, New York, from India 30 years ago, and she played up her differences from the traditional idea of Miss America while campaigning for the title. She performed a Bollywood Fusion style dance for the talent portion. In her a video bio, she said, “Miss America has always been the girl next door, but Miss America is evolving and she is not going to look the same.”

And, as Miss New York, she made diversity appreciation her main issue. “Diversity is a rich and endless source of experience, language, custom and tradition that enhances our nation and makes us unique. However, we fall behind due to a lack of understanding the diversity that exists in our country–an issue that persists at the local, state, and national levels,” she said.

That might sound kind of vague and a maybe even a little corny at first, but after the torrent of torrent comments that appeared on torrent after her win last night, it looks like Americans could use a lesson in diversity appreciation now more than ever.

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Maybe Todd Starnes can be first in line for that lesson. The Fox radio host is pissed that Davuluri beat out Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail.

After the jump: Starnes also linked to two articles accusing Davuluri of calling the then-reigning Miss America Mallory Hagan “fat as fuck.”

A rep for the Miss America pageant, by the way, has denied there is any truth to those the allegations about Davuluri, saying “The situation was investigated fully back in July and there is no validity to the story whatsoever.”