Impersonating Cops Was A Hot Trend In New York This Summer


Yesterday three Staten Island teenagers impersonated cops to cut the line at a video game store. Arriving in blue at the Staten Island Mall, the three were apparently in a hurry to get their copies of the newest Grand Theft Auto game. Genuine cops arrested the group outside the mall after they ran several stoplights. Looking back at the crimes of this summer, Runnin’ Scared noticed an uptick in crimes committed by people acting like police across the city. Is cop impersonation a thing now? Here’s Runnin’ Scared’s round-up of some of this summer’s boldest fakers.

Levittown, New York, August 15

A Queens man impersonated a cop to trick jewelry vendors at a Long Island flea market into accepting bad checks. Brian Harrington, 31, entered two jewelry stores on the same day dressed as a police officer, showing store attendants his holstered gun as proof. He claimed that he had lost his debit card and insisted that the clerks accept checks for two gold chains–one bought at each store–totaling $5,200 in value. The checks turned to be linked to a closed bank account. Harrington was arrested September 11.

Bloomfield, Staten Island, August 8, 1:20 a.m.

In the early morning hours on August 8, three men pretending to be federal agents knocked over a hotel in Staten Island. They entered the Hilton Garden Inn, flashed badges and guns claiming to be the feds, then beat and robbed the four people in the lobby. The suspects remain at large.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, June 19, 1 p.m.

A man fooled an 83-year-old woman in to handing over $1000 in cash. The man, pretending to be a police officer conducting an investigation, had the woman go to an ATM and pull out the money and hand it over to her in a small envelope, but not before engaging in some light small talk.

White Plains, New York, July 15, 24, and August 2

A White Plains rabbi was arrested multiple times for impersonating a traffic cop. Alfredo Borodowski racked up four misdemeanor impersonation charges for repeatedly harassing drivers on the road, flashing a tiny fake Bridge and Tunnel Authority badge and claiming he would arrest them if they kept driving too slowly. Borodowski suffers from bipolar disorder, for which he is allegedly receiving treatment. Let’s hope it starts to kick in before arrest number five.