The Fun of Seeing Double in +1


Occupying the same sort of jigsaw-puzzle headspace as Donnie Darko and Primer, +1 starts more in the teen comedy vein of Can’t Hardly Wait. In a party that redefines over-the-top (strippers, eyeball shots, flaming tennis balls!), all the leads have their own agendas: David (Rhys Wakefield) wants to get back together with his newly exed girlfriend, Jill (Ashley Hinshaw); horndog Teddy (Logan Miller) wants to score; and loner Allison (uncredited twins Colleen and Suzanne Dengel) just wants to get the hell away from all these bros and hos. But when a barely explained chronal anomaly strikes, all the partygoers get stuck in a time loop—though most are too blitzed to notice. What happens when you bump into yourself from 15 minutes ago? Director Dennis Iliadis doesn’t overdwell on the existentialism of the concept; he lets emotional beats strobe against the WTF experience of the temporal doubles, peppering the action with distinct images and events to make the repetition stand out. Everyone reacts differently to the duplicates—with violence, with deceit, with affection. The ending’s a bit of a cop-out, but the fun of figuring out which version of who is doing what when should have cult audiences rewinding and freeze-framing till the party’s over.