Dan Sandler, Anti-Semitic Elmo, Worked At Girl Scouts Headquarters Before Extortion Attempt


Remember antisemitic Elmo–the guy who spewed antisemitic tirades in Times Square and Central Park dressed as a fuzzy red muppet? The same guy who ran a website called “Rape Camp”–ring any bells yet?

Well, he may finally be going to jail, after attempting to extort more than a million dollars from the Girl Scouts, and stalking an employee of the organization where he once worked.

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According to the indictment, beginning in September 2012 and continuing through April 2013, Sandler attempted to extort more than a million dollars worth property from the Girl Scouts of America.

A few months before he hatched that plan, in July 2012, he began stalking and harassing an employee of the organization–sending threatening emails and photos, according to reports–the employee’s name is redacted in the indictment.

Sandler worked as a temp at the New York-based headquarters of Girl Scouts of America, the organization acknowledged to the Voice, but he “was never directly employed by Girl Scouts of the USA.”

His stint there came after he was deported from Cambodia for running a website called “Rape Camp” that featured a live bondage sex show, and before he put on the Elmo suit and began spouting hate at tourist attractions around New York.

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He was arrested in May, in San Francisco, and escorted back to New York the following month.

The District Attorney brought three charges against Sandler–attempted grand larceny, aggravated harassment and stalking. On Wednesday, Sandler pleaded guilty to only attempted grand larceny and stalking as a part of deal with prosecutors.

The Girl Scouts said in a statement Thursday, “We thank the New York District Attorney’s Office for its diligent work in this case, and are pleased that it has been adjudicated.”

Sandler faces up to two years in prison, but exactly how much time he’ll serve will be determined at a sentencing hearing scheduled for next month. The District Attorney’s office declined to comment on the case.

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