Mayoral Candidate John Finan Has the Weirdest Twitter in the Game


The big show may be all about Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota, but there’s a third-party candidate whose Twitter game is far more entertaining. John Finan is an independent candidate for mayor whose Internet ramblings are, if nothing else, a breath of fresh air in campaign season highly sensitized to the dangers of sloppy social media use (looking at you, Anthony Weiner).

So what does Finan stand for? Unfortunately, it isn’t all that clear. Finan’s platform is a rambling screed with no clear ideological bent. He wants to legalize marijuana and stop fracking, but he also wants to “build new high rise buildings with schools in them so schools supported by the real estate–using modular design–high density communities [sic],” according to his campaign website. He’s a true Independent, in the sense that his ideas are independent of any coherent, actionable goals.

This is not the candidate’s first time on the campaign merry-go-round. Finan ran for the Libertarian nomination for president in 2008. The following year he regrouped and ran for mayor of New York as an Independent, against what he calls Mayor Bloomberg’s “illegal” third term. Both runs failed. At the conclusion of his presidential bid, Finan sent supporters a 3,000-word e-mail in which he declared that

I will now outline to you how I will alleviate the Indignation and Usher in a thousand years of peace and a social and economic well being nationally and internationally the likes of which the world has never known. Also, Nick Ashton, a friend of mine, a song winter, an American Singer Songwriter, is going to play for you.

This time, Finan is once again a write-in candidate for mayor (technically, anyone is a write-in candidate, with the exception of religious figures and cartoon characters.) Though he filed with the city and state boards of election during his previous mayoral run in 2009, no such documents exist for this campaign. For his 2009 campaign, Finan submitted no spending statements to the state and turned in finance disclosure forms to the city listing “$0” in every column, according to filings with each agency.

Despite the apparent lack of a ground game, Finan is a prolific tweeter, shouting out everything from Breaking Bad to Twitpics of a his face Photoshopped onto the cover of Time. He sometimes uses the feed to push odd campaign materials.

Sometimes he uses it to post content that is somewhat less than dignified:

We verified with Finan that the Twitter feed @JohnMFinan does indeed belong to the candidate. When Runnin’ Scared asked Finan about the Spaghetto Hoes tweet, the candidate told us we read the tweet wrong. “No, you mean Spaghetti Os. I’m in the restaurant business.”

Spaghetti Hoes is just the beginning. Below is a collection of John Finan’s bizarre tweets.

Scroll to see more of John Finan’s, err, “campaign materials”.


And apropos of nothing: