Grading the Twerkers at Big Freedia’s Record-Setting Twerk-A-Thon


At 12:30 p.m. on September 25 in the Year of Our Lord 2013, something amazing happened: Some 358 New Yorkers got together in Herald Square and broke the world record for the number of people twerking simultaneously. The rules were simple: Keep your back straight. Pop your hips, not your knees. And no hands on the floor! Big Freedia led the crowd in a two-minute werkout workout to a cut from her upcoming album. Some brought their twerking A-game. Some, not so much. Runnin’ Scared gives letter grades to five of our favorite attendees after the jump.

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You got potential. But don’t give up! There’s still 90 seconds to go!

Style: B
Enthusiasm: B+
Technique: B-

Those are some pink shorts. We like the energy, but we have to say, too much knee, not enough wobble-wobble.

Style: B-
Enthusiasm: B+
Technique: C-

I know focusing on something for just two minutes is hard in age of the smartphone, but come on, why did you even come?

Style: C
Enthusiam: Triple F
Technique: what?

A crowd-pleaser. Go, granny! Sadly, that Chanel suit made it hard for the booty to pop to its full potential.

Style: B+
Enthusiasm: A+++
Technique: C+

Dog twerking. That is all.

Style: Is this animal abuse?
Enthusiasm: Nahhhh
Technique: Front paws on the floor. Disqualified.