Julieta Venegas


If you take 2003’s , 2006’s Limón y Sal, and 2010’s Otra Cosa out of view, one gets a very different impression of Julieta Venegas. Gone, for the most part, would be the pop chanteuse of that trilogy of albums, whose effervescent tunes catapulted her into the upper echelons of Latin-Pop stardom, and instead, one would find an artist more interested in texture and rhythm than pop hooks. This is the Julieta Venegas of her first two albums, Aquí and Bueninvento, a singer-songwriter whose contribution to the Amores Perros soundtrack was a tour de force of cerebral atmospherics—a song about as far from the fizziness of “Andar Conmigo” or “Eres Para Mí” as is possible. Now, with 2013’s Los Momentos, Venegas has reconciled these two stages of her career with a sort of moody synth-pop that weds the sonic experimentation of her early days to the accessible charm of her 2000s-era trilogy of albums.

Mon., Oct. 7, 7 p.m., 2013