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Few music critics are as perceptive as drag performance artist Taylor Mac, and none sports glad rags as colorfully overdetermined as his fabtacular Machine Dazzle creations. Over the past few years, Mac has been workshopping “A 24-Hour History of Popular Music,” an absurdly ambitious spectacle slated for 2014, with a series of shows devoted to spotlighting each of the two dozen musical decades represented within it. Tonight, he enters his Wayback Machine for a Whitman sampler of an evening featuring selections from Leaves of Grass set to music of the 1850s. Expect a camp, festive mashup presented with biting socio-historical commentary and high-anxiety audience participation by a consummate entertainer whose artistic credo—“perfection is for assholes”—translates easily into “anything goes.”

Thu., Oct. 3, 7:30 p.m., 2013

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